"I don't know if you guys noticed or not, but the other end of this bar is actually a ship!"
―Barkeep to Guy-Gone Weird, Typhon and Sprint Render[src]

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The Angry Force Field

Search for Rhast

To be revealed in Return of the Smuggler!

Battle of Geneosmosis

To be revealed in Dark Equilibrium!

Personality & Traits

Barkeep's Ships

Back of Bar

Behind the Scenes

Barkeep is played by Eric Kaldenbach. Barkeep is based on a character of the same name from the Dark Balance fan film series. His costume is comprised of Typhon's old red shirt and Dharth Bob's extra vest, as well as other new items. His appearance was exactly based on the fan film character. Eric played the character as a bizarre hippie-like bartender with a history with Sprint. As an in-joke, Barkeep doesn't wear any kind of shoes and is cleaning a glass in almost every scene he's in. Also as an in-joke, his name is actually just "Barkeep".


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