"Order! Order!"
―Boggle, in a session of Congress[src]

Boggle the Morer was the Archfluke of Geneosmosis and the Speaker of the Galactic Congress.


Boggle was elected to the Congress to represent his people, the Geneosmosians, and was eventually chosen as Speaker of the Congress during the administration of Initius Decorum. He ran and oversaw Congress sessions whenever needed, and was a tough arbitrator. Secretly, however, he conspired with other corrupt congressmen to bring about a downfall to Decorum's tenure, and backed the election of Dauntless Pulpyjuice to Supreme Pitza. He also conspired with the Order of the Spiff Lords, giving the plans to the Doom Ball to Dharth Bob just before the Incident at Taboo. Seven years later, he was ultimately betrayed by Pulpyjuice and killed by his Spiff subjects.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Boggle is a parody of Poggle the Lesser, the Archduke of Geonosis. He is a 3D model made up of various Star Trek and Star Wars game model parts, including Plo Koon's Mask, Kit Fisto's tendrils, Shaak Ti's horns and several aliens from Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. The model was made by Matt and polished by Prajit. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, he was not animated.