Craig Trends was a Captain in the Spacefleet Security Force. He oversaw all security on Nexus Station, and commanded Security Vessel Alpha. During his time there, he attempted to stop the Rusty Eagle from escaping the station, but failed due to sabotage to his vessel by Shawn Duet. In the time following, he had gained enough favor that when Spacefleet became the Dictatorship Navy, he was promoted to Admiral and stationed with the Primary Fleet. He often butted heads with Spiff-Dictatorship Admiral Bioculus. He was killed at the Battle of Nom Crustacia by Rig'ur Mortuus.


Personality and Traits


Trends aboard Security Vessel Alpha.

Behind the Scenes

Trends was played by Chris Patton. The character originated as two separate characters. The first one, in Return of the Smuggler, was intended to parody Captain Styles of the Excelsior from Star Trek III. The other, in The Plot Strikes Back, was intended to parody Admiral Conan Antonio Motti from Star Wars: A New Hope. Because the characters both had an overconfident demeanor and a love for their advanced technology, it was suggested the characters be combined. His first name is a parody on Motti's first name being Conan (like the late night personality), and was changed to Craig (like Craig Ferguson), while his last name parodies Styles (Trends being another word for styles). When filming, Chris wore the red Spacefleet uniform, and was then the first to wear the early black uniform. His Security pin is actually part of an Iron-Man 2 action figure stand. Like all others, his rank bars were made using repainted gum. He also carried a special baton (much like Styles did in Star Trek III), which was created by Eric Kaldenbach using leftover lightsaber parts.


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