D.S.X. Machina was a Democracy Spacefleet experimental ship commanded by Jebi General Only-One Cannotbe. It was present at the Battle of Geneosmosis.


Sometime after his appointment to the Jebi Council, Only-One Cannotbe was made a Jebi General in Spacefleet. He was given command of new experimental ship, the D.S.X. Machina. With it, he led a fleet to Geneosmosis and engaged Dharth Bob's Spiff fleet, defeating it. He later commanded it as the head of the Resistance against the Galactic Dictatorship.

Alternate TimelineEdit

In an alternate timeline where Rhast was killed, the fleet arrived too late to stop the Spiff fleet. In a later engagement with the Spiff, the Machina was abandoned and completely destroyed. It was replaced by the battleship Eon Vulture II. This timeline was corrected when Guy-Gone Prime travelled into the past to prevent the death of Rhast.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The D.S.X Machina is a play on the phrase "deus ex machina", meaning intervention by an outside source or power to solve the plot's problem, which incedentally, it does. The D.S.X. is also meant to signify an experimental Democracy ship, not unlike the NX-01 or NX-2000 in Star Trek.


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