Dharth Tyrannical-Fascist, one of the Dark Lords of the Spiff.

Dharth was a title given to certain Spiff Lords which preceded either their chosen Spiff name, or, in some cases, their birth name.


The title was only given to the most powerful Spiff leaders and apprentices in the Order of the Spiff Lords. Most underlings, such as Spiff Guards and Spiff Troopers were not allowed the use of the title. The title was usually bestowed upon an apprentice by his master in a short public or private ceremony upon joining the Order as a Spiff warrior or Dark Lord of the Spiff.

Dharths throughout historyEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Dharth is a spoof of the title Darth. Originally it was spelled exactly the same, having not been directly spoofed. By the time of Return of the Smuggler it was decided to change the spelling to include a silent "h" so that it would become a parody, without having to change the pronunciation and change it in older films.


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