Dharth Plaquetus, also known as Dharth Plaquetus the Incompotent, was a Dark Lord of the Spiff. He was succeeded by Dharth Bolshevik. Another of his students and a potential successor was Dharth Very Insidious. It was said that he very clumsy, and that he only compensated through use of the dark half.


Dharth Plaquetus was one of the earliest known Dark Lords of the Spiff. He was a master of the dark half, and took on two apprentices: Count Dubious and Dauntless Pulpyjuice, whom he bestowed the titles Dharth Bolshevik and Dharth Very Insidious, respectively. According to a Spiff legend, he was prone to clumsiness and accientally damaging things, such as ships. He supposedly compensated for this problem through study of the dark half.


By choosing Bolshevik as his successor, the Spiff Order continued to remain hidden from the rest of the galaxy. This decision infuriated Dharth Very Insidious, who set plans into motion that would see him usurp the leadership of the Order, and eventually take over the galaxy. A tale of Dharth Plaquetus, titled The Tragedy of Dharth Plaquetus the Incompotent, was passed down through Spiff lore and was made available at the Croissant Library. Though checked out and unavailable for years, Dharth Bob later passed on the tale to the Dark Jebi bounty hunter Rhast, who in turn summarized it to Guy-Gone Weird in an attempt to turn him to the dark half. It is likely the story was written by Count Dubious.

Behind the Scenes

Dharth Plaquetus has never actually appeared in any of the Spoof Wars films. He was created as a parody of Darth Plagueis the Wise. When working on the "Tales of the Jebi Trilogy" it was decided to finally flesh out the backstory of the Spiff and define exactly what happened in The Dubious Maneuver. It was decided that Plaquetus, mentioned by Rhast, was actually the master of Dharth Bolshevik and Dharth Very Insidious, and that his choice of successor was the reason for the Spiff Coup d'etat.


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