The Eon Vulture, prior to its permanent cloak

"This is my ship: the Eon Vulture. Fastest piece of crap in the galaxy!"
Shawn Duet to Guy-Gone Weird and Only-One Cannotbe[src]

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Behind the ScenesEdit

The Eon Vulture is a parody of the Millennium Falcon. It is shown only as a curved blue engine glow due to its "permanent cloak". This was done as both a comedic plot point, and as a means of not showing the very familiar Falcon model. As a result of this choice however, the ship could only ever be shown from the back in effects shots. This ship is supposedly a piece of junk, barely held together. Several times in Spoof Wars it is mentioned that the ship might explode under certain ridiculous circumstances. The original line was that "if you leave the stove on and the toilet is clogged, the ship will explode", but during filming, both Jonathan and Matt messed up their lines indicating that it was "flush the bathroom" or "the bathroom was plugged up". This may or may not be addressed in the Remastered Edition. The ship's interiors consisted of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit, control room, and Jonathan's kitchen.


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