Consular-class Space Cruiser

The D.S.T. Expendable VII was a stock Democracy Cruiser assigned to Captain Typhon after his first command. It was in this cruiser that he ferried Guy-Gone Weird and Only-One Cannotbe around the galaxy in their search for Lon Jennon. It was destroyed in a crash on Daftooine.


After his demotion following the events on the D.S.S. Celsius, Typhon was given this ship to conduct his mundane duties.

Typhon was assigned the mission of ferrying the two expendable Jebi on his ship, choosing random paths based on Guy-Gone's whims. Finally, Guy-Gone decided to set a course for Daftooine. Upon arrival, the Jebi were contacted by Jebi Grand Master Coda. During this conversation, Guy-Gone relieved Typhon and took his pilot seat. He then touch some important controls, causing the ship to spin out of control and crash on the planet's surface, not far from the 13th Annual Spiff Company Sparring Picnic.

Left for dead by the Jebi, Typhon managed to emerge from the wreck, tired and beaten. He grabbed an important component of the ship, and stumbled out into the open, where he was found by Shawn Duet. He gave the part to Duet and died. The part was soon after installed in the Eon Vulture and allowed the Expendable to live on in a way, until the Eon Vulture was destroyed by Guy-Gone Weird.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Expendable is based on the Republic Cruiser Radiant VII first seen at the beginning of The Phantom Menace. The name is a reference to the opening crawl, as well as its nature as a useless and replaceable ship. In an early draft of the film, this ship was one of two virtually identical ships used by the characters in their adventure. It is the first example in the running joke that Guy-Gone crashes or destroys ships he comes into contact with.


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