"Your leadership has been ineffective in the past, as well. I move to call of a vote of "You Suck!""
―Haacko to Initius Decorum[src]

Futhorc Haacko was the representative of Prajia in the Galactic Congress. He was also a representative for the Bartering Empire.



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Alternate TimelineEdit

In an alternate timeline in which Rhast was killed, once Pulpyjuice declared himself Dictator and built the Doom Ball, betraying the Congress, Haacko managed to send a transmission to Only-One Cannotbe, warning him of the developments. During the transmission, he was caught and sent to an internment camp. This timeline was corrected by Guy-Gone Prime, when he travelled back to warn his younger self, and subsequently prevent the death of Rhast.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Futhorc Haacko was played by Prajit Limsirichai. He is a parody of most senator characters from the Star Wars prequels. His name is a parody of Rune Haako of the Trade Federation. His planet's name is based on his own name.