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"You know, all of these planets are starting to look the same to me..."
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Geneosmosis was a planet on the very edge of Democracy space. It was inhabited by an alien race known as the Geneosmosians, and was represented in the Galactic Congress by their Archfluke, Boggle the Morer.


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To be developed...

Behind the Scenes

Geneosmosis is a parody of the planet Geonosis. It is a play on the science terms "gene" and "osmosis". Originally in the canceled sequel, Spoof Wars Episode LXXII: The Approaching Fury, Geneosmosis was an icy frozen wasteland planet, similar to Hoth. This planet later became Floam. Geneosmosis was filmed on location at a local water treatment facility, as well as a nature center, area in front of a golf course, and through greenscreened digital backdrops.


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