The Laserglaive was a unique weapon of the ancient Jebi Order. It was a weapon designed for throwing and blocking and featured 5 retractable mini laserfoil blades. It originally belonged to Olmec Qel-Drona who used it in the great war against the ancient Spiff Order. Thousands of years later, it was discovered by Guy-Gone Weird, who used it in his duel against Exor Kruun on Geneosmosis.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Laserglaive is a parody of the Glaive from the movie Krull. Originally, Guy-Gone found it at a market and was told that he was the one who was meant to weild it. Later it was changed to be an ancient Jebi weapon, used by Olmec Qel-Drona in the prologue of Shadows of the Democracy.


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