"Peace, security, fairness; these all used to mean something in this galaxy. People used to believe in something. Look at you! What do you believe in? HUH? WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?!"
Por'laalak-s'lalak-t'th'alak-d'lalath to Rhast[src]

Ambassador Por'laalak-s'lalak-t'th'alak-d'lalath was kidnapped by Rhast, while being ferried to his homeworld aboard the D.S.S. Celsius, under the command of Captain Typhon.



To be revealed in Dark Equilibrium!

Personality & TraitsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Por'laalak-s'lalak-t'th'alak-d’lalath was played by Cooper Edgington. He is a parody in name only of an obscure character from the book Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil named t'laalak-s'lalak-t'th'ak. Cooper simply wore the Indiana Jones fedora and the large Jebi robe over it and flailed his arms around to create the character.