Short Films Edit

Image Title Original Premiere Date
StuckSM "Stuck in the Woods" May 7, 2007
Shawn Duet and Mobacca find themselves being stalked. Animated I Don't Sense Anything Productions logo.
Typhonposterfinal Typhon May 14, 2007
Forced to land on Daftooine, Sprint and Guy-Gone encounter an old foe while Typhon discovers and entrancing video game.

Spoof Wars Origins Edit

OriginsFirstCrashPoster First Crash TBA
Guy-Gone recounts to Typhon a tale of when he and Only-One crashed on Blogden and unknowingly first encountered Dharth Bob.
DuetYoungPic Duet TBA
A look into Shawn Duet's past, his first mate Mobacca, how he made an enemy of Suckuss, and how the Eon Vulture got permanently cloaked.
OriginsSprintPlaceholder Untitled Sprint Render Short Film TBA
Sprint begins his memoir, describing the Expendable Jebi, and recounting a tale of an encounter with Dharth Bob and how Guy-Gone came to be a long-term passenger on the Rusty Eagle.

Possible Short Film Concepts Edit

Origins: Exor Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Backstory of Exor Kruun.
Coda vs Dubious Animation/Sketch
Animated/Sketch Adaptation of deleted scene from The Dubious Maneuver where Coda confronts Count Dubious.
The Day After Dubious Animation/Sketch
Adaptation of abandoned The Adventures of Shawn Duet v1 script with new ideas to help bridge TDM to the later stories. How Typhon became first mate on the Rusty Eagle.
Decorum Assassinated
Adaptation of short story where Decorum is assassinated by DVI.
Conundrum of Deceit
TF assassinates someone (maybe Decorum?). Rig'ur winds up investigating. Pulpyjuice is very obviously evil, and RM could even walk in on him still in black robe, but RM is oblivious to it. In the end nothing is solved. If set during ROTS, could explain why he works for pizza place in DE.
Starcutter Joins Floam Temple Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Short film focusing on Floam Jebi, shows Starcutter first joining the temple (or being turned by TF?).
Disco Fett
Disco Fett focus on him hunting down someone, then being tipped off that Duet was on Nexus Station, leading to the ROTS scene.
Bioculus Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Backstory/focus on Bioculus.
Just Plain Evil/The Plan Animation/Sketch
Dharth Very Insidious recounts the events that led to now, just before The Plot Strikes Back.
Mysteries of the Spiff Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Only-One pieces together all that is known about the Spiff, nearly finding Dharth Very Insidious just before Bob is freed from prison.

Possible "Spoof Wars Beyond" Short Film Concepts Edit

The Glove of Dharth Tyrannical-Fascist Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Trends (part cyborg) & Bioculus after the glove. Bioculus crashes a Mofflerence, and kills everyone. Could replace Trends with another officer like Nears. Or could introduce an inquisitor.
Jebi Academy Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Congressmen convince Typhon to rebuild the Jebi order. Trainees are Moonrider, Sunrunner, RM, 3 generic
Rig'ur Mortuus vs The Dictator Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Rig'ur tries to locate Only-One. First found by a Davy Jones-esque Spiff General. Then dropped off at a barren location. Finds that the Dictator's spirit is alive
Starcutter Clone Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Clone of Starcutter awakens, escapes cloning facility destroying it. Finds help in Sprint or Diggs who takes him to the Academy
Rig'ur Mortuus vs The Dictator, Part 2 Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Dictator (a shadow trapped in a void shown through a mirror) exposits about how he survived
Dev & Nack Meet The Wise Old Fart Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Dev & Nack end up lost and find refuge in a hut. They meet crotchety Moses Megualon who they call the wise old fart. Some kind of mini quest.
Jebi Academy, Part 2 Live Action/Animation/Sketch
The students face some kind of threat or mystery
Bioculus, Part 2 Live Action/Animation/Sketch
Bioculus consolidates his power (under TF?)
Untitled Crossover Live Action/Animation/Sketch
All the story lines culminate in an Avengers - style crossover that resolves most of it.