Speaker of the Congress assisted the Supreme Pitza of the Democracy in the running of the Galactic Congress in the Galactic Democracy.

Power and FunctionsEdit


Boggle the Morer, Speaker of the Congress under the Decorum administration.

The Speaker's duties included:

  • Formally opening and closing sessions of the Congress.
  • Formally opening and closing Congress debates and discussions.
  • Moderating Congress debates and discussions.
  • Calling congressmen, officers and others to attend Congress sessions.
  • Enforcing the procedural rules of the Congress.
  • Disciplining congressmen who break said procedures.
  • Disc Jockey.

The Speaker also served as a de-facto Vice-Pitza, in case the Supreme Pitza was unable to attend or was dead.

List of Known SpeakersEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Speaker of the Congress is a parody of the Speaker of the House.