Spoof Wars: Tales of the Jebi is the name of the film series set after Spoof Wars Episode XII: The Dubious Maneuver. They have been in production since late 2006, and span three films. The events of these films are then followed up in Spoof Wars Episode XLVII: The Plot Strikes Back.



Shadows of the DemocracyEdit

Set around 5 1/2 years after The Dubious Maneuver, Guy-Gone, Sprint and Typhon land the Rusty Eagle on Cypress III. There they are attacked by a mysterious bounty hunter. As Guy-Gone faces the attacker, Typhon and Sprint become enamored with an unusual shiny object to the point of turning on each other.


Return of the SmugglerEdit

Following the attack on Cypress III, the heroes decide to search for more clues about the bounty hunter and find out who hired him and why. They dock at Twilight Station and visit The Angry Force Field, meeting with the Barkeep, an old friend of Sprint's. As it happens, smuggler Shawn Duet is also there and reluctantly joins the crew as more bounty hunters and lowlifes attack, forcing the heroes to escape from the station.


Dark EquilibriumEdit

Having tracked the bounty hunter to Geneosmosis, the heroes confront him and his employer is revealed. Typhon's past connection to the bounty hunter is revealed, and one of the crew turns to the darkness. Old and new faces alike appear, and everything culminates in final battle on land and space, bringing the three-part saga to a close.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Because Typhon and Shadows of the Democracy were made at the same time, it was originally decided that they should ultimately be collected in a single "short film collection" DVD. The name Tales of the Jebi is a parody of Tales of the Jedi, a comic series collecting stories from ancient Star Wars times. Later it was decided that Typhon should remain a separate short film, and Tales of the Jebi would be the name of the film trilogy.

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