Spoof Wars Origins: Duet is a short film set before The Dubious Maneuver. It was made primarily around unused/deleted footage from an early attempt at filming that film. It tells the story of one of Shawn Duet's first encounters with mayo, his history with Suckuss and how the Eon Vulture became permanently cloaked. The original concept from which this was born, known as The Search for Dharth Bob, came about after the release of Typhon, when looking through the old Mini-DV tapes from the original Spoof Wars. While that project was shelved, the idea was revisited in 2013 and reworked into two films; the other being Spoof Wars Origins: First Crash.


To Be Revealed


Shawn DuetEdit

Duet appears with shorter hair than he had in The Dubious Maneuver. His footage is primary from earlier versions of scenes that were refilmed.


Mobacca appears to give some needed additional dialogue, and as a means of progressing the story further without a narrator.


Suckuss is shown, played by Eric Kaldenbach, as a partial antagonist. His incident was developed at the same time as his lines were rewritten for the Remastered Edition.


Jophon is only briefly seen as Duet's shoplifting accomplice. He is actually Jonathan's brother Joseph as Typhon from the first version of the original film.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The concept started with The Search for Dharth Bob in 2007. This project was jokingly referred to as the "leftover" movie, as it would have probably been comprised of around 50% unused footage (not including blue screened backgrounds). The project was shelved when it was decided to continue the storyline set up in Shadows of the Democracy. However, in 2013, Matt and Eric revisited the idea while looking at "the lost footage". The primary problem with the concept was that Guy-Gone and Only-One could only interact with Duet after The Dubious Maneuver, and since they appeared younger, and only fragments of scenes were filmed, there was not enough to produce the project. Matt and Eric thought of separating Duet's scenes from Guy-Gone and Only-One's, and it was decided to make them 2 separate short films. Looking through the available footage, a story was crafted, primarily around Duet's love scene with the Mayo. Mobacca and Suckuss were added to easily add more to the story without the need for major filming.


  • The film used quite a bit of deleted/unused footage from an earlier draft of Spoof Wars that was only partially filmed. Due to some problems during filming and a decision to remove almost 1/3 of the script, filming was delayed. Once it resumed, all the previous scenes were refilmed, except for the Congress scene.
  • The title, Spoof Wars Origins: Duet is a parody of the movie title: X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • The film re-uses earlier or deleted footage:
    • To be determined
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