Stuck in the Woods is a 2007 short animated intro for I Don't Sense Anything Productions made by Matt Gilbert. It was made as a final project for a 2D Animation class using a combination of Flash and Adobe After Effects. It features Shawn Duet and Mobacca in animated form.


Somewhere in a forest, Shawn Duet and Mobacca pop up from behind a bush. Mobacca believes they are not alone. Duet cocks his gun at the ready. Suddenly a twig snaps, and the two scream as the camera moves in toward them.



Behind the ScenesEdit

The short animation featured assets made in Flash, and used Adobe After Effects to create the zoom inward. The two characters appear much as they did in Spoof Wars Episode XII: The Dubious Maneuver. They are styled similarly to characters from Family Guy. The entire project was completed over the course of 3-4 days. There is no real background story, though the idea is that the audience is watching from the perspective of whoever is watching the pair. When the twig snaps, the camera tilts slightly and the two look at the screen, implying that the watcher/audience has been spotted. The short video was also made as a screen test to assess the viability of making an animated Spoof Wars, such as an animated version of The Adventures of Shawn Duet.


Based upon Duet's appearance (longer hair), and information given in later films about their experiences after the Taboo incident, this event most likely takes place before The Dubious Manuever.

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