Supreme Pitza was the title of the Head of State and Government as well as Congress Leader and Congress Chair of the Galactic Democracy.

Appointment to PitzaEdit


Initius Decorum, voted out of office by a Vote of "You Suck"

The Pitza was elected by and from congressmen and representatives of the Galactic Congress. The Supreme Pitza could be removed from office at any time by the Congress with a Vote of "You Suck". Anyone could be elected Pitza, regardless of position or experience.

Power and FunctionsEdit

The position of Pitza was prestigious and very powerful. The Supreme Pitza not only oversaw matters in Congress, but also handled all diplomatic functions. They also worked with the Jebi Council to police the galaxy and oversee investigations, such as the kidnapping of Lon Jennon. Some Pitzas were known to simply try the same fix for every solution - Supreme Pitza Initius Decorum preferred to contact the Jebi Order and have them send their two most Expendable Jebi Knights to solve the problem. It was for this reason that he was voted out of office. The position was dissolved when Pulpyjuice re-organized the government into the Galactic Dictatorship and declared himself Dictator.

List of Known Supreme PitzasEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Supreme Pitza is a parody of Star Wars' Supreme Chancellor position, as well as a play on Supreme Pizza.

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