The Legend of Olmec Qel-Drona and the Hidden Temple was a tale of an ancient Jebi, Olmec Qel-Drona. It told of Olmec's finding of the One Nugget during an ancient war with Dharth Deceivious' Spiff. It was quoted to Typhon by Only-One Cannotbe during the former's training to become a Jebi apprentice. Ironically, Typhon was the one who had found and destroyed the nugget years before.

Behind the ScenesEdit

While filming Typhon's training scene for The Plot Strikes Back, one line parodied a line from X-Men: First Class where Professor Xavier and Beast discuss Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The script needed a Star Wars-like tale equivalent, like a legend. Hearing the words "Legend of", Tyler immediately thought of the Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. Jumping on that idea, Matt fused the name of the show's character, Olmec, with Ulic-Qel-Droma from Tales of the Jedi. Both Tyler and Sean had a very hard time keeping a straight face when talking about the legend during takes.

Later, the crew had an idea to add a Lord of the Rings style prologue to Shadows of the Democracy. It started with the origin of the One Nugget, and Olmec Qel-Drona was a perfect fit. And so the undefined legend became the story of the origin of the One Nugget.


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